Custom Video Slideshows

The following are themed slideshows of my photography set to music that I have performed and in some case composed the music specifically for this slideshow.  I can provide this custom service to customers so contact me for quotes.  Please turn up your speakers and enjoy!


Proclaimed one of the most authentic Japanese gardens outside of Japan, the Portland Japanese Garden is a 5.5-acre haven of tranquil beauty nestled in the scenic west hills of Portland, Oregon. I am a local photographer that goes to the garden year round to experience the seasonal changes and enjoy the zen of the garden. As the garden's motto goes," four seasons, five senses, one extraordinary experience. These are some of my best photos I wanted to share with you.

I am also a part-time musician so I thought it fitting that I compose a unique piece of music to go with this video and set the mood of the amazing Japanese garden images. This piece of music is in 4 movements. To introduce people to the garden, I did my own arrangement of a classic Japanese folk song "Sakura, Sakura" or cherry blossoms. The next 3 movements in the music reflect three of the essential elements used to create a Japanese garden which are stone, the "bones" of the landscape; water, the life-giving force; and plants, the tapestry of the four seasons.

Japanese garden designers feel that good stone composition is one of the most important elements in creating a well-designed garden. Secondary elements include pagodas, stone lanterns, water basins, arbors, and bridges. Japanese gardens are asymmetrical in design and reflect nature in idealized form. You will find many of these elements in these photos.